We're an archive for Commodore PET software. While all PET software does hold copyrights, most of the software was released as shareware. The commercial products seem to fall into abandonware, where the authors permit their software to be used.

We're a host for Commodore 64 games to play online. These cannot be downloaded from the main website.

We're also an archive for software manuals :)

We host defunct Commodore websites that disappeared or are now offline. This is for historical purposes.
We will remove any entry where an author or publisher requests it be removed. This includes the offline websites. If you're the creator of a website, or a publisher/author of software, please CONTACT for removal from the archive. We don't host any software currently in production (example: Protovision). Most people have moved on from the Commodore, so why would anyone want to crack modern-day games which only hurts sales.
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